It's time to make
dating  again

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Welcome to the first dating app where users help each other find their perfect match.

Get matched

Every day you’ll receive matches that have been handpicked just for you (handpicked by real people, with REAL HANDS). Computers are great for crunching numbers, but ones and zeros don't always add up to X's and O's. MeetCute adds a ‘personal touch’ to modern dating. The result? Better matches.

Match others

Now that you've been matched, it's time to pay it forward. Unlock your own matches by matching the rest of the community.

Find love

Someone can check all your boxes, and still not be right for you. Relationships are all about emotions and feeeeeeeelings. Computers don't have feelings. Humans do, and that's why there's a real human person behind every meetcute match - to catch what a computer can't see and to give an extra level of assurance that you and your match belong together.